Tomáš Krbílek

Czech Republic
tel.:  +420 77 88 11 101

Tuning and repairs of
grand and upright pianos.

Offer of services:  

  • tuning of grand, upright pianos and chemball at your home, concert halls, recording studios and at schools

  • small repairs and adjustments at cliant’s place

  • bigger repairs including surface finish at workshop

  • tuning and repairs of harmoniums at workshop

  • reconstruction, restoration and renovation of instruments 

    (new music rolls production including compositions on request)

  • counselling (purchase, selling, moving etc.),

Provided the instrument has not been tuned for several years, it is usually necessary to have the following works done:

instrument inspection and test of keeping the tune

height pretuning

taking apart and cleaning

tightening of all nuts in mechanism

basic adjustment of damper mechanism and keyboard

greasing and adjustment of pedal mechanism
other small repairs in mechanism
final tuning

These works can take three till six hours. More information can be provided after inspection of a particular instrument.
We provide our services all around the Czech Republic or other countries if required.

Tuning and repairs of grand and upright pianos - tel.: +420 778811101, 797707577;  email:

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